Big Change for Celebra Briards

Celebra Briards was founded by a mother daughter team, Christi Leigh and RuthAnn Leigh-Phillips.  RuthAnn brought significant experience breeding and showing dogs because she was a breeder of Chesapeake Bay retrievers.  Christi brought an adoration of the Briard breed to the partnership.  Through the years, Christi and RuthAnn worked together to produce a line of dogs that can be distinctly identified as Celebra Briards.

On July 14, 2019, RuthAnn died of complications due to ovarian cancer.  She was 82 years old.   In truth, Christi and many of the dogs themselves are in mourning.  Several of these wonderful souls in Briard form kept RuthAnn company during a 6 month period where she was completely bed-ridden and housebound.

Christi has suspended breeding while she deals with the aftermath of RuthAnn’s passing.  So, it looks like there will be no Celebra puppies produced in 2019.  Thankfully, a couple of other breeders have recognized the quality of the dogs and some puppies with Celebra fathers are being produced.  We will guide you to those litters when they are born.

As always, we hope that you find the exact right puppy for your family.