Ziva is a puppy from our NCIS litter. This litter was raised with the show, NCIS, playing in the background for a full ten weeks. When it came time to name them, they pretty much all got NCIS names. Ziva is named for the Mossad agent on the show.

She has that kind of personality as well. She is pretty much a tag along with Gibbs, baffled at times about why he gets annoyed with her.

The litter was born on August 3, 2011. There were ten of them, and six of them were show quality. We ended up keeping three of them.

Ziva is an AKC Champion (before the age of two). She was the first of the three to finish. The judges liked her balance, proportions (even though she is large), and her movement.

Her AKC name is “Ch Celebra’s Good Help is Hard to Find.” Here is her pedigree.