Harvard-Latte (2013)

This breeding focuses on the oldest parts of my pedigrees and my foundation bitch, Amber. It is not really a line breeding. The sire, Harvard, is an Amber grandson. His mother is ZsaZsa. The dam, Latte, is an Amber granddaughter. Her mother is Vida. More importantly, Latte’s father, Udo, is Amber’s cousin because their fathers were brothers. This is why I say the breeding focuses on the oldest parts of my pedigrees.

Harvard, Ch Celebra’s E Equals M C Squared, he is one of three brothers who became AKC champions. Harvard is OFA Good.

Latte, Celebra’s Double Entendre, was never shown because she is missing a dewclaw. But her quality is so good that I feel compelled to breed her. She is OFA Good. She is the female version of her father in my mind and I am really looking forward to what she produces.