Harvard – Bling (2014)

This is a line breeding on a de Bejaune dog named Bailey. Bailey himself was line bred on Nyckel. The sire, Harvard, is a Bailey grandson. The dam, Bling, is a Bailey daughter.

Harvard, Ch Celebra’s E Equals M C Squared, he is one of three brothers who became AKC champions. Harvard is OFA Good.

Bling is from a litter of eleven pups. 8 of those pups became AKC champions. Six of those pups have OFA Excellent hips. Bling herself is OFA Excellent. She is very sweet. Her AKC name is CH Celebratia’s BitiBitoBling. She was Rassemblement Select in 2010. Bling has OFA Excellent hips.


This is a co-breeding between Kings Oaks Briards and Celebra Briards.