Who Are the Gibbs- Toots Pups

This litter will be named with Muppet as the first word of the AKC name.

These puppies will be named (AKC name) starting with the letter “M” since they were born in 2016.  In addition, the first word of the name will be Muppet.  Here is a list of potential names for you to think about.

Celebra’s Muppet Diva – Ginger




Celebra’s Muppet Magic – Maggie




Celebra’s Muppet Love – Amorette




Celebra’s Muppets R CooCoo for CoCo Puffs




Celebra’s Muppet Man No Strings Attached – Murphy




Celebra’s Muppet Science Not Rocket Science – Oxford




Celebra Muppet A Lot of Good Chemistry Between Us – Bunsen




Celebra’s Muppet Desert Gran Chaco – Chaco




Celebra Muppets Love Luaos  – Luka