Harvard-Groovy (2011)

This litter was born on August 3, 2011.  There are five boys and six girls.  If you may be interested in a puppy, you can call Christi at 505-217-3813 or email her at cdleigh@nmia.com.

This is Harvard, the father of the puppies.  His AKC name is Ch Celebra’s E Equals M C Squared.  He is an over achiever in many ways – making babies is one way.  This is his second litter.  The first litter was all girls.  Luckily, this litter is split between girls and boys.

Groovy has managed to avoid the camera.  She has been too busy living up to her name: Ch Tia’s Feelin Groovy.  She is a happy free spirit just as her name suggests. Here is a picture of her at 6 months.