Who Are The Harvard-Groovy Puppies

The boys:

Celebra’s Good Enough for Government Work (Gibbs).  Ok I admit it, I am keeping this little guy.

Celebra’s Good as Gold (Beau)
Beau has arrived safely at his new home in the big apple! Say “Hi” to NY for all of us in the middle of nowhere.

Celebra’s Good Idea (Tucker).  Tucker is safely tucked away (ha ha) in Ft Collins.  He is looking forward to romping in the snow with his Malamute room mate, Tonka

Celebra’s Good Shepherds We Shall be (Murphy).  Murphy happily resides in West Valley, UT.  he is shown playing with GiGi, his littermate, who also went to a home in West Valley, UT!

Celebra’s Good Work Duckie (Duckie).  Thankfully he has not gone too far from here.  Ducky has found a home in Prescott, Az.

The girls:

Celebra’s Good Help Is Hard to Find (Ziva).  She is staying too. Gibbs needs her to help find all the NCIS bad guys.

Celebra’s Good Time Was Had By All (Abby).  Ok, Abby is staying too. Afterall, what is an NCIS team without a forensics specialist?

Celebra’s Goody Two Shoes (Jeté).  Jete is happily settled in Shepherdsville WV.  She is somewhat of a town mascot, and has a little boy to play with.

Celebra’s Good For What Ails You (GiGi).  She certainly is that.  Living in West Valley, UT should be fun for GiGi.  Her new Mom loves her, and she already has play dates set up with her brother, Murphy.

Celebra’s Good Luck Charlie (Charlie).  Charlie finally got to go to her new home in Albuquerque, NM.  She has a great job, she is the mascot for a pediatric dentist.  She also has another Briard to play with, Lucy, and several children all her own.

Celebra’s Goodness Gracious Me (Gypsy).  Gyypsy has gone to her new home in Palm Beach FL.  She will be shown by her loving owners.