Our puppies begin the process of socialization at a young age.  We usually let people come and see them when they are about three weeks of age (with the proper precautions against infectious disease).  Visits from outsiders are frequent from week 4 through week 10.  These visits include visits with children since we do not have any children at home.�

They go for their first car ride at about 4 weeks when they go to the vet for shots.  We usually take the pups into work around 5 weeks so that gives them another car ride and handling by more strangers.  At about 7 weeks we have friends “take the pup for a day.”  This gets the pup out away from mama and the littermates, in a strange car, spending time with a stranger. In addition to the interaction with people the pups get at our home, there is a lot of interaction with dogs.  The puppies interact with each other, their mother, and the other dogs in the house.

This interaction makes a pup who understands signals from other dogs and is amenable to being around other dogs.  By the time you get your pup, he or she will be well socialized. BUT socialization does not stop there.  It is up to you to continue to get the pup out into the world to meet and greet people over and over and over throughout the first year of the dog’s life. This is very important in the formation of a dog that will be a terrific companion for you and your family.