Shot Protocols

Vaccinating briard puppies is sort of controversial because of the ear crops. As breeders we would really hesitate to take pups to a vet for an ear crop without having some sort of protection against diseases that tyically show up at vet clinics. Because of this we used to start vaccinating early, and frankly we have seen some side effects to having over vaccinated young pups.  So, now we are following the protocol described by Dr. Jean Dodds. Since we keep the pups for ten weeks, your puppy will only have one round of shots before leaving us.  You will need to follow up with your veterinarian to make sure you protect your puppy for the diseases in your area.  We wait until 6 months of age before we vaccinate for Rabbies. Some states require Rabbies vaccinations at 4 months of age. The puppies will be wormed every two weeks starting at two weeks.  The early start is also because of the ear crops.  We do not want to put wormy pups under anesthesia.