All of our puppies are sold under the terms of a purchase agreement.  The purchase agreement specifies what you can expect from us as the breeders of the pup and what we expect from you as the buyer of the pup.  The exact contents of the purchase agreement can vary depending on the purpose for the purchase of the pup.  However, there are few basic things that you will see in every one of our purchase agreements.  For example, we require that you take the dog to training classes.  Training at home is not sufficient since Briards require so much socialization.  Training in an environment where there are other dogs and strange people is best.  We also specify that the puppy always has a home with us.  If for any reason you cannot keep the dog, we will take the dog back.  These are simple examples of some of the basics of our purchase agreement.

We are happy to share the purchase agreement with prospective buyers after we have agreed that the purchase of a puppy is a possibility.  Once we have gone over the purchase agreement together and have come to an understanding regarding the terms of the purchase, then we will accept your deposit.