Health Certifications

All of our breeding stock has been certified as clear of hip dysplasia through OFA. Some of our males are also certified using Penn Hip.  To the left is an example of OFA Excellent Hips from one of our dogs.�
The following links will take you to all of the hip information for our dogs: Our foundation bitch – Amber; her three husbands – Sarek, Trevor, Hunter. Researching this you will see all of the Amber offspring with OFA numbers.  One of them is Chili, who came back OFA Excellent.  She was bred to Lucca, Waver, and Bailey.  Ancho was bred to cN.  Three other dogs who we have used recently are worth researching: Udo, Rhett, Habanero.  Looking at the results for these dogs, you can see all of the dogs we have produced and their OFA numbers.

All of our dogs are certified as free of eye disease through CERF. All of our breeding stock has been proven to be clear (not carriers) of CSNB.