Shipping Puppies

We are willing to ship puppies but our preference is that you come get your pup.  If you come out here to get your puppy you have the opportunity to meet the parents of your puppy in most cases as well as the chance to meet us.  We provide a lot of hands on training for puppy buyers who come to pick up their pups.

If we have to ship the puppy, the buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping. This includes the cost of the crate for shipping the puppy and the cost for us to get to the airport (we live in a remote location). We do not ship puppies until they are at least 10 weeks. It is almost impossible to get a direct flight from us to you. So, in all liklihood your puppy will need to transfer planes during the trip. We have found that the pups handle all of this very well. We do all we can to get them ready for shipment, including several weeks of intense crate training so they are comfortable in a crate on a plane for several hours.