Happy New Year!

This year our boy Gibbs will be starting his career in earnest.  He has his grand championship and is moving on to the big time.  We think he is ready.  You can see that he already as some very nice wins under his belt. He is GCH Celebra’s Good Enough for Government Work.  We call him Gibbs after Jethro Gibbs from NCIS.  He is certainly every bit as handsome – don’t you think!

Happy Birthday to the NCIS Litter

The NCIS litter?  Yes, puppies named after characters on the NCIS show – Gibbs, Ziva Abby, Duckie.  Five years old today – Oh my and what they have done.  Gibbs has fathered three fabulous litters.  He is a GCH and everyone will be hearing more about him as 2017 approaches.  Ziva who just gave us a beautiful litter of 9 puppies (one boy still available BTW), and ABBY – three BEST IN SHOW awards this summer and almost to her platinum grand championship – the photo is of my Mom with Abby helping her to “nap” on the couch – really?

ZsaZsa Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

Sadly, last night we had to say goodbye to ZsaZsa, the last of our Amber children. She was 14 years old.  No matter how many we have lost, each loss hurts just as much.  I never get used to it.  ZsaZsa was such a lovely girl in spirit and in form.  She gave us so much in her companionship and in the wonderful children and grandchildren she left us.

Who could ask for anything more?

Our shining star, Abby, Gold GCH Celebra’s Good Time Was Had By All, was the Best In Show winner this weekend in Greenwhich, CT. We are so proud of this happy go lucky girl. So grateful to her BFF (handler) Jamie Donelson and especially grateful to Abby’s owners Alan and Joyci Feldman. Yes a good time was had by all.


By the way, you can check out individual puppies on Puppies for Sale… Call 505-217-3813 or email cdleigh@nmia.com if you are interested in a puppy.

They R Here – 18 puppies

5 boys and 4 girls born May 23

Mom Toots and pups are doing great



7 boys and 2 girls born May 29

Mom Ziva and pups are doing great



Dads are off doing their own thing as usual – hee hee